Does your GPS calls you stupid or idiot when you make a wrong turn or don’t go the way it’s telling you to go?

Well, I hope not! This could cause accidents!

NO, your GPS will recalculate the fastest route to get you back on track to where you wanted to go!

I want to invite you to think like your GPS when you make a mistake or a choice that isn’t aligned with your goals to have sustained energy, mental clarity and inner peace.

One of the most powerful strategies I use with my clients is this one: Instead of feeling shitty about the choice/mistake you just made, replace judging yourself with being curious…

It could sound like this; “hmm I wonder what did I need at that moment which led me to make this choice?” Listen for the message, the gift or the lesson contained in the mistake and then course correct using your internal GPS.

Consider these 2 scenarios, underlying needs and the strategies:

1) Been eating foods that you know are sucking your energy down or giving you a scattered foggy brain? What unfulfilled need was present in you for which these foods were fulfilling?

Could be calming your nervous system because you were feeling anxious, bored or frustrated.

– Strategy: punch into your GPS the best route to fulfill the need for happy positive things that would recharge your batteries, increase the joy factor in your life and annihilate your stress!

2) Felt compelled to say YES to this person or situation while your heart was saying NO… knowing that you already had enough on your plate?

Perhaps the underlying need is the desire to feel accepted, loved or avoid rejection?

– Strategy: punch into your GPS the fastest route to recognize your value by remembering all that you have already done for yourself and others.

– What if tending to your own needs first was not selfish compared to offering your depleted version to others!

Instead of judging yourself, depleting your energy and crushing your self-esteem when you make a mistake, behaving like a GPS using this sequence will help you get out of a funk: Behaviour – Need – Strategy.

This simple awareness will bring you back on track with your goals safeguarding your energy instead of stressing out, feeling down and going nowhere!

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I am the Intuitive Health Coach for sensitive people who like to live life fully alive; helping you harness the power of your anxiety into sustained focused energy for your mind and body! 😉