The key for Emotional Coherence 

✨ I’m still vibrating so much after teaching the Masterclass on May 4th that I can’t stop talking about it! 🤩

What is the key that makes the difference for you to master your emotions and rebound quicker during dark times?  

During the masterclass I shared some advanced knowledge on what influences your emotional, mental and physical health:

😅 What controls or provokes your reactions to people and circumstances (in other words, what “pushes your buttons”)

🧠 The different brain waves which determine our mental programming during our early years

🤔 How to reprogram your subconscious mind. The one responsible for 95% of your actions and what you attract in your life

🗝 A short introduction to the vast ancien system of the Gene Keys

🧬 An overview of what is already encoded in your DNA in terms of your life’s purpose, your physical/emotional health, your relationships and your prosperity.

✨ After the hybrid emotional mastery/hypnosis exercise that I guided, one of the participants shared that she felt so much calmer and grounder!

💖 Another one shared that she felt like a new door had open to heal some relationships

People left the masterclass feeling inspired, living with more confidence and with luminous answers to their questions.

You can view the replay HERE

One participant shared afterwards that she took 4 pages of notes with many new inspiring tools! 🥳

All of these tools are there to help you stop beating yourself, improve your mental and emotional health so that you can create a life you love!

🧬 These teachings are so important in light of what we’re experiencing in the world right now that I can’t keep them for myself!

💜 You’re probably feeling the awakening of consciousness right now, that people are acting differently (some reacting more, others less) and that the societal systems we have are in need of an up level.

🌱 Consider this paradigm: all of your challenges contain the seed of your greatest opportunities.

😅 When we understand ourselves better and accept our shadows and lights, we feel much better with ourselves and with others.

🧬 We are being called right now to cocreate a new world with higher vibrations in order to let go of the fears that have kept us stuck in personal and collective suffering.

You have come to a time where your evolution forward depends on your activation of the highest vibrations contained in your DNA and reprogram the “truths” in your subconscious mind to create more joy and confidence!
I also shared a a wonderful opportunity to join me for the next 8 months on a journey of self-discovery to reveal your hidden talents, heal the emotional wounds that have kept you from living fully and get access to your prosperity.

There’s also a big bonus that comes with it if this speaks to you, find out HERE. This bonus is for this who register before May 6th at noon EDT.

With Quantum Love and and Health 🌹


My name is Catherine Gagnon. I’m a Transformational Mind-Body Healer and Emotional Alchemist. I work with people who have been on a personal growth journey for a while and who find themselves at a crossroad in their physical, relational, emotional, spiritual or career health.

I help them increase their energy and inner coherence so that they can create the freedom to fulfill their authentic potential using Quantum Health!