Have you ever wondered “is there something more to life?” and heard the call to change your life (change career, relationship, change your body image, become healthy?), only to find yourself deep down in fear and clinging to the familiar? đŸ˜±

You are not alone…

Why is change so difficult?

The human brain is an ancient apparatus wired to make sure we survive. It is not concerned about whether we thrive or not. In fact, the human brain doesn’t like change because change feels like a treat to survival. In order for someone to make a change, especially a significant one, the current situation must become soooo uncomfortable that it supersedes the fear of the unknown, the fear of the “what ifs…”. That’s why change is messy and runs high on emotions.

So I’ve been an entrepreneur for 7 years now, leaving the confort of a 9-5 secure job with a nice Nurse Practitioner title, a secure pay check and social benefits.

It was the hardest decision of my life but I had to trust what my inner wisdom was telling me. You know that little voice that too many of us don’t listen to nearly enough?

Yeah, that one! 😅

In order to create success in my business I had to overcome all of mankind’s greatest fears through being SEEN and HEARD as I exposed my message, ideas and healing modalities to the world.

I had already conquered one of the biggest fear: that of falling off a cliff.
Check, done ✅  I’ve been a hang glider pilot for 18 years! 😅

Being seen and heard encompasses all of the fears and, you don’t need to have a business to feel them!

Everyday life interactions can trigger a fear for you, especially when you find yourself at a cross road in your life (separation,  grief, change of career, starting your business, becoming healthy…)

Here are the top 10 fears that are recognized to stop people from achieving self-mastery and creating their best life:

  1. Fear of failure
  2. Fear of rejection
  3. Fear of being judged
  4. Fear of change
  5. Fear of uncertainty
  6. Fear of inadequacy (disappointing others)
  7. Fear of vulnerability (or not being good enough)
  8. Fear of commitment
  9. Fear of missing out
  10. Fear of taking risks

What are some of the fears you’ve experienced that are holding you back from bringing change in your life?

In order to bring a healthy successful change in your life, it’s essential for you to develop self-mastery.

In the upcoming free Masterclass “Secrets to Self-Mastery – Living with more Joy and Confidence” I’ll be teaching you some valuable tools to become aware of where some of those fears are active in your body and mind and to start liberating them.

Bookmark your calendar for May 4th at 11:30 PDT/2:30 pm EDT/19:30 pm UK.

Register HERE for the Masterclass.
If you can’t attend live, the replay will be available and sent to those who registered.

This free masterclass is an invitation to deepen your self-mastery so you can transform the challenges on your path into more joy and confidence.

What I love when I work with people, is through Quantum Health and Emotional Alchemy, they unlock access to parts of themselves that were hidden but wreaking havoc subconsciously within their mind and body.

Together we liberate the stuck energies so that you can feel much lighter and embody your purpose with joy and confidence.

Let’s talk more about it during the Masterclass on May 4th.

Until then, please let me know what fears have you encountered lately?
I look forward to connecting with you soon 💜
Here’s to your Self-MasteryđŸŒč
My name is Catherine Gagnon. I’m a Transformational Mind-Body Intuitive Healer and Emotional Alchemist. I work with people who have been on a personal growth journey for a while and who find themselves at a crossroad in their physical, relational, emotional, spiritual or career health.

I help them increase their energy, freedom and inner coherence so that they can make empowered decisions aligned with their authentic self using Quantum Health.