Yes, I know…
It’s uncomfortable and frustrating when you feel there isn’t enough time to accomplish everything you want to do from your massive “to-do” list.

I’ve been there too, feeling frustrated at the end of the day with how little got accomplished and trying to scramble it all in the last hour before bedtime. Bedtime gets postponed (again) and you wake up the next day feeling tired and catching up unproductive time…again. An endless wheel.

What if you knew that there is plenty of time in “storage” within your body would you want to know how to access it?

Come play with your own time machine as I’ll be teaching you an advanced neuroscience tool to reclaim your time! You will be intentional and empowered to decide how to spend your time depending on the task at hand so that you get everything done in no time and then have the freedom to relax.

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Come prepared to be awed, to receive a mind binder technique to Reclaim your Time and have so much fun along the way!

No more regrets of things undone and passions unlived!