Catherine Gagnon

Health Coach, Alchemist Science & Conscience

Let’s create together your optimal physical energy, emotional vitality, a serene and courageous spirit, so that you can live your mission of life with passion and motivation!

Manifest a magical and vitaminized life to match your ambitions!

    “Life tried to teach me good lessons, I somehow refused to want to experience them or see them. So she gave me a good shake and told me to stop being into what was toxic for me. She told me: “Do yourself good, trust yourself, fix it, express your truth and spread your wings!” »

    I see things differently, I promise myself to never make myself experience these things again. I chose to establish healthy boundaries.

    My energy and my physical freedom return, my relationships become harmonious, I learn to receive more instead of always giving and exhausting myself , important people and positive energies return to my life, my happiness expands.

    I learned to be honest with myself, with what I feel, say it, accept it > and and make what is in me shine and be who I am. I absorb all the positive that comes to me and thank life for giving me this opportunity!

    And above all thank you Catherine! Every tool you give me helps me fly even more with my own wings every day”

    Catherine guides us to move forward and to take action. Through her listening skills and her great open-mindedness, she supports us when the time comes to confront our fears. Thanks to her pedagogy and her authenticity, she was able to help me find my inner essence.

    I came out grown from this experience!

    “Catherine is empathetic, open, accessible, loving and professional. Following his program, his knowledge and his personalized follow-up, I regained control of my body and my mind for the better.

    Her services have helped me greatly and I can proudly say that she played a key role throughout my treatment. Lyme disease or not, I highly recommend his services to those who want to optimize their health.”

    Catherine has the wisdom of an Angel. It is able to target energy leaks and repair everything. I will tell you that she is a kind of energy alchemist. It is filled with knowledge to surpass yourself to go further. A powerful connection is part of her. I recommend it to you to be able to move to your next step. Thanks again Catherine!!!
    P. M. V.
    I wanted to change but didn’t know what to do!

    Thanks to the program and my coaching work with Catherine, I became aware of the effect of food on my energy and my emotions. I know better how to eat for training and work.

    There is really an awakening in me! I realize that I no longer have to fade away and I am much more in touch with my feelings which allows me to be well in the present momentwith myself, with others and to cultivate positive energy.

    I now have tools to help me get out of negative states and get back into action quickly.

    Thank you Catherine, you are an angel, you are really in the right place, you listen and your support is great!

    S. B.
    It’s a great pleasure to work with you Catherine.

    Thank you for this beautiful openness, which allows me to be myself, in complete safety!

    I am always amazed by your ability to take me to unsuspected places and so easily, so quickly… I can now keep my lightness when I visit dark areas within myself… For a long time that I was trying to use it as a strength and I needed a guide.

    S. A.
    The process I took with you hasgreatly improved my daily lifein several ways. It’s almost magical the instantaneous transformations that happened.

    What I admire and am impressed by you is your ability to seize the emotion or the present event on the fly and to make an amazing and concrete result, which sweetens my life every day. I felt 100% confident with you and always surprised by the positive results obtained from week to week and above all with the greatest respect.

    I achieved my set goals. My life is easier, lighter, physically and emotionally. Those around me, informed or not of my approach, notice the positive changes.

    Thank you Catherine, what a joy to have a coach like you!

    J. L.
    Thank you for the great year spent coaching with you.

    I’m happy and really good about myself. Thanks to you I have changed many things for the better in my life.

    You gave me the strength to make good choices when it comes to food, managing my time and my emotions. It’s much calmer in my life, my loved ones see it clearly and that leaves even more room for the happiness that I feel!

    You are a beautiful person Catherine!

    J. H.
    Catherine is a great coach and person. She can quickly decipher the problems that need to be solved and then the optimal way to change them.

    She helped me become healthier and also happier. She helped me improve my eating habits, which helped me gave more energy. She is truly an invaluable resource if you are looking to change for the better.

    Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she also makes it fun along the way with her great sense of humor! I would use her again and recommend her to those of you looking for a powerful and talented coach to support you in your health and life! Thank you Catherine!

    W. S.
    Over the years I had lost contact with my real needs and I had let life events upset me. Without really realizing it, fatigue and physical ailments had set in.

    My meeting with Catherine came at an opportune time and she was able to listen to guide me. During our meetings I had the triggers that I was missing to continue gently.

    Thank you for listening, thank you for the person you are.

    C. R.
    I had a lot of chronic pain, a very busy schedule, overweight, no time for myself or to cook.

    In addition to having lost 10 lbs, with the coaching program I managed to eliminate sugar from my diet and my chronic pain stopped strong> in majority.

    I am proud of my daily choices, I know what to eat to give me energy and have now incorporated meal preparation into my schedule strong>.

    I dare to assert myself and express my needs by stopping always wanting to please others while becoming a positive influence for others. I no longer have to choose between my relationships and my well-being. I decided to put myself first and I agreed to put on the oxygen mask first which benefits my loved ones too. I created space in my schedule and reserved space for myself in my life.

    By decluttering my life, I lighten up on every level. Instead of stressing out about a situation I look to find the gift in the situation. Thank you Catherine for this great experience!

    F. C.
    I feel alive in life and have found the desire to move in action!

    I was always tired, lacking willpower and in pain everywhere. I felt like my flame was going out, I was brooding, I didn’t feel like seeing people. I ate my emotions and felt guilty. I felt like I was wasting my days!

    From the start of coaching my attitude became more positive in general and I found motivation to move forward. In 4 weeks I stopped eating sugar. I managed to practice letting go and thus be lighter, less stressed and more available to strategies.

    For the first time, I do things for myself, at my own pace and have given myself back the right to listen to myself without judgment. I brought joy and gratitude back into my life while clarifying my life mission! I regained my place within my relationship and by knowing better what I want and no longer want, I am able to make decisions without being in fear. I am much more frank and no longer ask myself questions about what I decide to share or not share with others.

    I now see the positive in things instead of focusing on fears and am less stressed about events. I get into solution mode quickly instead of getting frustrated and getting stuck on things.

    Thank you Catherine you were a great help, having someone to accompany me in this return to myself made all the difference!

    D. R.

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