Are you tired of :

Excessive worry. Fatigue. Self-Doubt. Stress. Weight Issues?

My name is Catherine Gagnon, Health and Life Vitality Mentor! I work with people who are tired of feeling tired. I help you regain Energy and Vitality so that you can live a balanced and joyful Life while savouring every moment of it!

Embark on a transformational journey to remove your barriers to freedom such as indecisiveness, relationships issues and lack of motivation, and access your healthiest version of confidence, love and vitality creating your most empowered self.

Together, we will accelerate your journey to global wellness in your body-mind-soul.

Through the Energy Equation™ (E2) we liberate energy leaks in the body (fatigue, pain, overweight) & the mind (doubt, stress, low self-esteem), so your soul can fully express its true state & find freedom.

You have landed in the right place
if you want to :

Increase your ENERGY and be PRESENT all day

Reduce your ANXIETY and STRESS to stop feeling exhausted!

Adopt HEALTHY LIVING HABITS that are easy to implement and maintain within your lifestyle

Realize PROJECTS that are important to you and restore the energy, motivation and organization to do so.

Increase your SELF-CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM so that you can take Confident ACTION in your Career, Health and Relationships.

Express your TRUTH instead of trying to please everybody.

Find the COURAGE to live and realize your LIFE’S PURPOSE with PASSION and MOTIVATION

Reclaim your Energy today!
Regain your Confidence. Motivation. Courage. Passion. Health. Vitality. Energy

Regain your Confidence. Motivation. Courage. Passion. Health. Mindset. Vitality. Energy.

What if all of this is possible for you?

Increase you ENERGY

Optimize your journey of returning to health from an illness

Feel at PEACE in your mind

Harmonize your Relationships

Accomplish meaningful PROJECTS

Regain even more

Several experiences are available to you

Enter a world where we sow the ideal conditions and harvest healing in your mind and body so that your soul is fully expressed and your live your life to its full potential.

Private coaching

Private coaching

Let’s work together and bring your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being to the next level.

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Powerful transformational coaching programs to implement the conditions of inevitable success and develop healthy sustainable habits!

Online course

Online course

Delve into the mastery of your emotions and health through powerful courses and methodology.



The experience of group synergy workshops allows you to accelerate the expansion of your physical energy, emotional vitality and self-confidence.



Inspiring, breathtaking and interactive lectures with Catherine. Science and Consciousness come together in perspectives that will change your life!

Catherine is a brilliant, compassionate, and inspiring coach. She courageously guides and empowers her clients throughout the coaching process so that they get real and lasting results. If you are feeling stuck, low energy, or that there must be something “more” to the life you are living, Catherine is the coach you want by your side as you discover what truly boosts your energy so that you can create a life you love. She specifically helped me identify which foods help me perform my best, how to set loving and healthy boundaries with loved ones, finally complete household projects I had put off for a year, and transform old limiting beliefs. Oh, and she is soooooo much fun!


Catherine Gagnon is a high-quality and authentic coach who uses all of her resources and shows up completely present. She is skillful in lovingly guiding relevant and effective Coaching Exercises which in turn bring immense clarity to me and extreme personal power so I am able to up-level over and over again.

The concept of energy leaks that she brings awareness, to has been a big game-changer for me as I am now quickly able to identify what brings energy and empowerment to me and what takes it away.

I highly recommend working with Catherine, it will be worth every penny you invest!

W. J. H.

Catherine is an amazing coach and person as well. She can decipher the issues that need to be addressed and then the optimal way to change them. She helped me to become healthier and also happier. She assisted me in improving my eating habits which resulted in more energy. She is truly a valuable resource if you are looking to change for the better. She is not only extremely knowledgeable but she also makes it fun along the way because of her great sense of humour! I would use her again and recommend her to those of you looking for a strong, talented coach! Thanks Catherine!

W. S.

Catherine is hands down one of the most loving coaches I know. She has this way of always making you feel heard and remembered. I have lost… a little over 20 lbs in the couple of months I’ve been working with her, was able to ditch drinking without it being a huge deal, and I’ve worked through some really big emotional walls. As a health coach myself, I have a selection of a huge peer group and I’D CHOOSE CATHERINE AGAIN! I highly recommend her for her skills and her big huge heart!


If you need a knowledgeable, trustworthy and endearing coach Catherine is for you. Her joy and encouragement will guide you to create life altering healthy habits. Catherine helped me realize that my life long eating habits made me overweight once I entered midlife and my metabolism slowed. The first few weeks living without sugar can be both mentally and physically challenging but Catherine helped me realize that I can and did curb my sugar/salt cravings as I learned to see food with a new educational focus. I lost over 20lbs in a way that respects my body’s unique needs while finding a new way of eating and living so I can enjoy my life fully.


The coaching journey I did with Catherine has powerfully improved my daily life on so many aspects. The instant transformations that happened throughout our sessions were almost magical!

What I admire and am most impressed with Catherine is her ability to catch the emotion or troublesome situation and to transform it into a surprising tangible result. I felt 100% trust with her and was always amazed at the positive results we had from week to week. All accomplished with the greatest of respect.

I reached my goals. My life is so much easier, nicer and lighter physically and emotionally. People around me have noticed the positive changes whether they were informed or not that I was being coached.

Thank you Catherine! What a joy to have a coach like you!

J. L.

After coaching with Catherine, I am more conscious, and mindful when I eat which makes me feel so satisfied, full, appreciative, healthy, and happy to have nourished my body well. I enjoy the food so much more without the need to resort to unhealthy behaviours!

I feel a steady energy, lost some weight unexpectedly and I feel good about it. As a result I feel more beautiful instead of self-conscious and have made my mission to make others feel beautiful as well.

D. K.

Wow! Catherine thank you for helping me to feel at home in my body again!

In the past the pain and discomfort I felt was affecting all aspects of my life. I felt drained and irritable nearly every day. Now that I understand what I was doing to my body through my dietary choices, your guidance and coaching has helped me to be in an optimal physical condition for the rest of my life!

My mind is sharper, my tummy feels great all the time, I’m thinner and lighter on my feet and my joints feel smooth and flexible. Your use of deep questioning made it practically effortless to learn and I now I can identify and catch myself when old behavioural choices show up because I’m clearer about what I really want than ever before.

My work is more enjoyable and I have access to all the energy I need to pursue my joys in life. Thank you and to anyone inspired by my results; Catherine is there every step of the way. My health and everything connected to it is forever improved because of this experience. Get this done and everything else will be elevated by it.

J. S.

Powerful experience… life changing.

Amazing beautiful intuitive soul, very knowledgeable, gifted and talented. Catherine holds your hand and walks you into deep awareness and gently teaches you how to find your inner power. She showed me where my home is… in my heart.

I reached a place outside my thoughts, and found the courage to become the knower, not the seeker.

What an incredible journey! Thanks Catherine!

D. T.

I highly recommend working with Catherine!

I started working with her right after a presentation she gave on sugar.  I was eating much too much of it and was constantly on a sugar high.  I needed to eat more balanced meals, which started with educating me on what a balanced meal should consist of.

The entire program was awesome.  Not only am I eating much better, I learned a ton, I feel a lot better and also benefitted from some self-esteem life coaching.  Catherine has done a great job combining all of her areas of expertise (nursing background, nutrition, coaching).  It was a great experience working with her.

J. K.

Catherine’s preset, gentle nature has helped bring about major transformational changes in my life.

She has this way about her to help others stay accountable to their goals but with complete love and patience.

I always felt I could let my guard down and speak from the heart which I know is why it was such an effective program for me. Thank you again Catherine!!!!

Dr. S. S.
Catherine Gagnon Health & Life Vitality Mentor, Alchimiste Science & Conscience

Catherine Gagnon

Health Coach and Vitality Mentor, Speaker, Alchemist Science & Consciousness

Did you know?

Energy leaks are a big part of the causes for common aliments such as weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, pain, stress, guilt, shame, anger, fear – to name a few.

Discover how I healed myself from Lyme disease in only 1 year.

Through a very challenging personal experience, I alchemized the very same energy leaks such as indecisiveness, feeling not good enough and having to please everybody, energy leaks that once detected and transformed, nourished my mind, strengthened my body and freed my soul to its highest purpose.

My approach to Health and Life coaching combines principles from modern science of psychology, neuroscience, and transformational coaching with a healthy lifestyle that targets healthy nutrition, overall well-being, and personal growth.

I teach you how to take back your personal power, confidence and vitality in your health, your relationships and your life!

Let’s work together!

The transformation of energy is the means by which I empower you to live a meaningful life at your full potential!

Here are some tools that allowed me to acquire the skills to do so:

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