Did you know that 95% of people don’t know what they want?

That 3% know what they want but will not achieve it because they don’t have the tools and skills.

1% know what they want and achieve it but don’t enjoy it and sacrifice their health to reach their goals.

1% know what they want, achieve it and actually enjoy it!

These numbers come from an Indian Master Healer (Dr. Naram) who has been sharing ancient secrets for longevity, vitality, joy and peace.

So in which categories do you want to be?

To gain more clarity around this as we have been living through an intense year since March 2020, here are a few great questions to ask yourself in order to help you prioritize and accomplish what’s important for you:

– What aspect is coming to an end in my life?
– What am I letting go of?
– What do I want to create in my life now that I have let go of ______?
– What will that look like?

These are amazing questions to ask yourself periodically when you feel a desire for something that is trying to emerge in your life and you want to make space for it whether it’s to improve your health, your energy, your relationship, your sense of purpose or connection to something greater.

I’d love to hear your answers to these questions so CLICK HERE as you feel called to share with me.

In love and light