Have you been feeling more sensitive and seeing your emotions shift more quickly?

Some moments you feel a sense of normalcy coming through, as our communities are starting to reopen slowly and some other moments, there’s a sense of nostalgia, anxiety, irritability, impatience or even anger coming from nowhere.

Perhaps you’ve been more sensitive to people or situations around you and sense that you no longer want to accept things the way you’ve been tolerating them in the past.

Are you feeling more intuitive as a result of being more sensitive? I see this happening a lot within myself and my clients.

You might ask “what will be our new normal?” and then have many visions of what this might look like. Some visions reassuring and some not at all.

How do we create our future when there is so much uncertainty and fear?

Joe Dispenza said: “the best way to predict the future is to create it!” So why not create this future vision together?

What if your emotions and your “feeling all over the place” was actually exactly what you need to create this new normal?

When the emotions are present, it’s up to you to get their message and quickly come back to feeling better with inner peace, clarity and calm.

Would you like to harness the power of your emotions to not only create your future the way you want it but to also know how to come back to feeling better quicker?

I can accompany you in this process if you wish. I invite you to a free discovery session. You just have to CLICK HERE to register.

In love and light,