What let’s you know that you can trust someone or something?

Is it a feeling? A vision? A recall from the past?
Is trust a lack of fear? Or is it a faith in something that is greater than fear? 

In difficult times such as right now with COVID19, paradoxically we are being called to bring our level of trust to an even higher level.

Since the beginning of this pandemic I’ve had to do that myself as my soulmate lives in the US while I’m in Canada and we’ve been physically apart for weeks. I’ve been through states of inner distress where I’ve had to use all of my coaching tools on myself to finally come to this place of being able to live with serenity, faith and trust into the unfolding of events.

A common denominator for people who go through adversity with more peacecalm and serenity is found in the level of trust and faith they have in themselves, in the people around them, in the world and in something that is greater than us (whether we call it God, the Universe, the Committee above, etc.).

I get that with so much uncertainty it might seem difficult to let go of the constant worry and simply trust that “everything will be ok”.

Are you finding it difficult to get past the constant exhausting worry? 

Would you like to emerge with greater peace, lightness and calm through this time?

I’d love to support you with the “Transform your Worry into Serenity” Discovery Session.

During this session we will:

  • Discover what has been keeping you stuck in worry and fatigue despite your best efforts to change your state.
  • Uncover what has been subconsciously ruining your energy and bringing even more unnecessary worry so that you live with serenity.
  • Paint a vision for what your life looks like in a peaceful, calm and empowered state through adversity or any challenge that may come up.
  • Create a step-by-step plan to move you forward so you can feel confident and secure.

To book a “Transform your Worry into Serenity” discovery session, simply CLICK HERE to email me.

This is your invitation to renew your Trust and Faith from moment to moment!

In love and light,