Have you felt a shift in your priorities lately?

These unprecedented times have brought a lot of feelings of uncertainty and anxiety, yet I’ve seen a lot of people awaken to different soul-driven priorities in their life.

Things such as letting go of relationships that no longer serve them, taking on health goals that they’ve wanted to put forward for years, finding new inspiration in their life’s work, healing relationships that had gone sour with misunderstandings and so much more.

As I continue to serve my clients powerfully and in order to bring the most value to you, I’d love to hear from you what you’d like to hear most about through this community. What would serve you best and what is most important for you?

A – Optimal Physical Health, Energy and Nutrition.
B – Emotional Health, the effects of emotions on the body and tips to feel better.
C – Spiritual Health and your Life’s purpose.
D – Creating nurturing and meaningful relationships.
E – Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and other diseases that ruin quality of life without necessarily threatening it.

Please hit reply and let me know the letter(s) of your preferred choice(s) as well as any additional specifics on that topic that’s important to you. You can contact me by email : inspiration@

Would love to hear how you’re also doing!

In health & love!