Did you know that fear, stress and anxiety play a fundamental role?
That the protection of the clan is key to reduce anxiety, this fascinating biological mechanism.

I imagine that your life, just like mine, is still affected by the global pandemic that affects everyone right now.
I’m taking this moment to share with you some insights around why anxiety manifests itself and how to befriend it even in the midst of social distancing (unlike these cute penguins!).

One thing that is for sure, the more you try to resist something, the more it will persist and bring suboptimal conditions in your life such as fatigue, constant worry, various tensions and pain in your body while weakening your immune system.

I’m asking you this question again, question that has been directing my attention since the beginning of the pandemic:

What if this pandemic was an opportunity to integrate better ways of living, of thinking, feeling, taking action and making decisions in alignment with the greatest good for yourself and the collective?

Watch this video for a surprising perspective on anxiety and some tangible tips to integrate in your life so that you may benefit from the current situation and explore the gifts that emotions such as anxiety can bring you. How nice would it be to regain lightness, a joie de vivre and deepen your connection with the people you love?

Please reach out to me if you’d like to know how to feel better, lighter, happier and in harmony in your relationships.

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Each person who takes care of their body, heart, mind and spirit takes care of the collective. Together we create the world in which we want to live.

Looking forward to connecting with you again soon!