This week, we will celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Do you have that special someone with whom to share this incredible day today? If so, great, if not, great too! There are lots of people who need love around us. In fact, everyone! There is way too much unused love in this world wouldn’t you agree?

But what’s so different about Valentine’s Day?
Remembering that energy goes where our attention goes. When we put more attention on our relationships, they can flourish and bloom even more by giving us the feeling of being seen, heard, understood, welcomed. What a powerful feeling when someone wants to grow with us and us with them. In short, love is a beautiful feeling available to everyone!

Have you noticed how much love is a powerful energy!
In fact #ALittleScienceHere, the magnetic field of the heart radiates 60 times wider than that of the brain! The longest journey is the one that you’ll take going from your head to your heart, but it is by far the most rewarding and energizing.

In order to get seasoned at this, I invite you to look at the people and circumstances of your life through the pair of glasses of your heart!
Especially people that you do not understand, those who seem to make unconscious choices, those who “rub you the wrong way” or who irritate you. What if you were to look at them through the eyes of compassion instead of judgment, what would you see?
What would you be able to give them?

By making love your way of life, expect magic to come into your life, not just on Valentine’s Day!

Everyday is important for love! What are you waiting for to recharge your love battery?