Is it safe to choose Love and keep your heart open? 🌹💜🌹

Yesterday, I met someone in the ski chairlift and we had some great conversations! He asked me if I felt disappointed in humanity as he shared how he’s been feeling angry at humanity.

I responded that I felt like him for a long time, that I didn’t understand why people would do atrocities to others or themselves, would lack respect for nature or other living beings, would fall into addictions etc.

Then it occurred to me that since I became a coach and did some deep work on myself to better understand the origin of people’s emotional pain, which are at the root of such behaviours, I transformed disappointment into compassion.

  • Compassion for myself when I’ve acted out of alignment with love because I was feeling hurt or scared.
  • Compassion for those who aren’t aware yet that they’re acting out of their pain, their limiting beliefs and perpetuating wounds that perhaps have been present for generations.
  • Compassion for the person who choses to close their heart in a moment of feared vulnerability out of protecting themselves.
  • Compassion for the person who hasn’t felt loved and therefore doesn’t know how to be loving to themselves or others.
  • Compassion doesn’t mean that I agree with the behaviours, but I can still see the divine nature or highest self of that spiritual being having a human experience.

That very nature which they’ve forgotten or gotten out of touch with, sometimes for decades.

I choose to keep my heart open with compassion in service to love rather than close my heart with disappointment and judgment.

I’m not a saint and yes sometimes I can slip into judgment of the other or myself, but if I can catch myself at that exact moment when the heart is about to close, and chose love instead, then it’s a magnificent moment.

And this is the work that is most subtle, to recognize that exact moment when the heart wants to close off and shut itself down, not let love in. That closure of the heart is what is painful within ourselves and our relationships. Even in the tiniest moments… the eye roll, the harsh tone, the disappointed look…

As Dr Naram brilliantly said: “I didn’t come to teach you, I came to Love you and love will teach you.”

I chose love with all my heart and hope this message will inspire you to do as well 💜

For reference, there is a great shift in consciousness going on right now in order to heal the wounded ego and be able to truly embody the values and characteristics of healthy masculine and feminine energies.

See the table below for these characteristics to guide your awareness of your behaviours and that of the people around you. ✨



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