Did you know that people pleasing can be one of the biggest energy leak?

Yes it takes energy to eat well, exercise, to keep a positive attitude as you’re creating even more wellbeing both in your body and mind.

Think about this then. Anything you’re investing your energy into has to be taken in consideration in the balance of energy you want to devote to different aspects of your life: career, family, passions, relationships.

After coaching many clients who wanted to loose weight, feel more energized and worry less, I know one thing about people who care about their own wellbeing and that of others:

Each person who feels exhausted is a caring, compassionate, sensitive and loving person who has most likely been chronically putting other people’s needs before their own and trying to please everybody only to feel secretly exhausted and resentful.

Trying to please everybody is very energy consuming and in the end, not very satisfying.

Let’s make sure we change this so you can focus your energy in creating more wellness for all in healthy ways!

This is why I’m sharing with you for free HERE a powerful workshop we hosted with a colleague of mine on how to liberate your people pleaser.

Not only you’ll LOVE Brenda’s bubbly positive energy, but I know you need to hear her message to unlock the next level of your wellness journey!

In this workshop Brenda Florida, the people pleaser expert, guides you to uncover the root of people pleasing, unlock the power you have within to break the habit of people pleasing and unleash your confidence and clarity to sets boundaries with empathy and love.

Click HERE to view the workshop

The recording is open to all with the possibility to make a voluntary contribution (under the video) that goes directly to Brenda and the host organisation so we can continue to bring this wisdom affordably to people who need it.

Please go ahead and share it with as many people as you can: your friends, family, your teenagers (especially girls) coworkers, clients, even your parents!

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