✨💜 ✨  What to do when you’re feeling lost? 

✨Isn’t it so frustrating to lose your bearings? Especially after having done so much personal growth work.

When intuition goes into radio silence, that we wonder what we came here to do and doubt paralyse our actions.

We are currently going through an initiation portal in order to know ourselves better, heal past wounds and realign our life path with more joy and lightness.

This requires you to bring more gentleness into your life, to let go of what you cannot control and to redirect your thoughts towards optimistic rather than pessimistic scenarios.

Easier said than done? You can start with heart coherence exercises twice a day where you inhale for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds while focusing on a positive emotion. It’s so simple but brings amazing calm, clarity and resilience during changing times.

On top of this exercise,  I’m inviting you into a one of a kind journey to travel through uncharted territory and create a life you love:
The Path to Liberation, an 8 months journey of self-discovery and empowerment

For the heart-centered person ready to come out of stagnation or confusion and bring something new in your life (start or leave a relationship, change of career, more inspired work, get into better health, grief).

This is for you if you want to:

  • Journey into your own uncharted territory and discover hidden aspects of yourself
  • Stop worrying and connect with your highest self in order to feel joyful, confident and trust your decisions moving forward
  • Create a life you truly love.


Get ready to enter 2024 with deep revelations about yourself, a strong sense of Self-Mastery and a Life you truly Love!

So if this speaks to you, contact Catherine if you’re interested in the next group cohort.

Much love and cheers to your falling in love with your life!!


My name is Catherine Gagnon. I’m a Transformational Mind-Body Healer and Emotional Alchemist. I work with people who have been on a personal growth journey for a while and who find themselves at a crossroad in their physical, relational, emotional, spiritual or career health.

I help them increase their energy and inner coherence so that they can create the freedom to fulfill their authentic potential using Quantum Health!